You love to spin and you love the planet,

but how can you build your stash ethically while also holding space for spinning to calm your soul?

'Well Spun' is the bi-monthly subscription box for you. Every 2 months you will receive a lovingly and sustainably curated box full of fibre and a luxury item that will guide you towards a holistic spinning practice. 

Pair that with a 'fibre focused' downloadable guided  meditation, and bobbin's your uncle! You'll be spinning better for your soul and for the planet month after month.

Boxes orders are currently open until Nov 31st or until sold out. 


What comes inside a Well Spun box? 

Spinning Fibre

Your Well Spun box comes with only the best quality, traceable and ethically sourced fibres.

From plant to protein fibres you can rest easy knowing you're making the right choice.

Each box will include 200g / 7 oz of fibre, which is perfect for actually using it in a project, not letting it gather dust. 

This matters because I know that it takes a lot of time to find trusted fibre suppliers. So I'll be both saving you time and making it effortless for you to spin ethically. 

Mindful Spinning

One surprise gift to taste, smell or see, paired with a specialised guided spinning meditation, will make your spinning practice more profound, immersive and joyful.

These guided mediations are amazing because you can't get them anywhere else, trust me I've looked.

They are completely unique to this box, and will provide a fibre specific guided experience for you, that you can enjoy over and over again with each box.

Eco Friendly

From the fibre to the shipping labels and everything in between, your Well Spun Box is doing its best to be eco friendly at every turn.

Plus the purchase of your box will also fund the planting of one tree via my partnership with One Tree Planted. 

I know how much this will mean to you because I know you care about the planet. You want to shop plastic free, reduce your carbon footprint and be a part of healing the earth.

You will be able to enjoy this box wholeheartedly because I'll always be transparent. 

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I know impulse buying is something you here's all the answers to all your questions. 

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"I can't WAIT for them!!!! Its like Christmas!!!!!!"


"This is the most innovative subscription box I've ever been interested in!"


"I am planning to buy one of your boxes, because they're so beautiful...even though I don't have a wheel yet!"

Ever find yourself thinking:

  • I want to keep wool in my spinning life, but I'm a plant based eater. How can I do both without compromising on my values?
  • It's so hard to find fibre producers I can trust. How can I really know if it's been ethically produced?
  • I don't have the time to really dig into fibre producers. How can I find sustainable fibres more quickly so that I can just enjoy the time I have with my wheel? 
  • I really don't want my hobby to have a negative impact on the planet, but there's so much to learn I don't know where to start? 

If any of these ideas have been floating around in your head, then it's time to release them! 

I am here to take on the mental load. I will be doing the research, vetting fibre producers, and ensuring that when your box arrives all you have to do is open it and enjoy! 



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You love to spin. It's your down time, your happy place, your zen moment in an otherwise chaotic world. 

But what happens when you aren't able to be fully present while you spin? If you are so desperate for time at the wheel you spin while the kids are hungry and unsettled, or you spin when you're too tired, or when you're really frustrated and end up fighting your wheel. 

What if guilt creeps into your mind while you spin? Those draining thoughts of 'I should be doing the laundry' or 'I don't deserve this quiet golden time all to myself, I'm being selfish'. 

I have been where you're sitting before. I have had many a draining time sitting with my wheel, trying to fill just that last bit of the bobbin before the baby wakes. Or trying to perfect my draft right when the phone rings, spinning the yarn I think will sell best instead of the yarn I'm called to spin. It can be hard to get truly in sync with your wheel, I know because that's exactly where I used to be. 


Then I made a decision, a grand sweeping decision to spin for joy and peace and nothing less. It's true I don't always achieve this at my wheel, but overwhelmingly spinning is now a self care practice for me. 

By following along the path that has emerged for me, I now have guideposts that help me stay on course. I now dedicate and protect time for spinning, instead of cramming in time for spinning. One of the best ways I do this is by creating a spinning experience for myself. 

I develop a deep and meaningful connection to the fibre I'm working with through being present, meditating and learning about the fibre in depth. When I sit to spin camel fibre I'm thinking of the animals, the majestic creatures roaming the Mongol Steppe, the wind that blows across their backs and the waters they drink from. To help me get even more aligned with my wheel and my fibre I'll layer the senses, add some herbal tea to my set up, drink in the warmth and savour the aroma. Listen to some relaxation music or better yet listen to a guided fibre meditation. 

Now I can spin from a place of love, joy and mindfulness. I'm no longer stressed about the finished yarn, I'm trusting my hands to do their part, and relishing the process. The slow, even movements, the softness of the fibre, it all comes together to make the simple act of turning fibre into yarn deeply replenishing. 

If I fall out of this rhythm, and go back to cramming in time with whatever fibre is most handy, I'll often end up with a yarn I don't love. I didn't sit with the process, rather rushed or stumbled through it, leaving me feeling like the finished product isn't good enough, or defeated as if my skills weren't developing quickly enough. This leads to less time at the wheel, after all I don't enjoy sitting and feeling like I'm wasting fibre. Less time practicing leads to less inspiration, a drop in motivation and after a month or so this pattern leads to a dusty wheel and a mind not at ease. 

So if you want to step into the space where spinning fibre is a mindful experience, a process of love and trust and gratitude, that fills your cup and restores your energy, then you need to order a Well Spun box. Inside the box you will be delighted with traceable fibre, from well cared for animals or sustainably grown plant fibres, as well as other surprise items to help you set up your own immersive spinning experience. You will also get a downloadable fibre specific guided meditation, to gently steer your mind towards being present as you spin. You will have access to an online ethical fibre directory, so you can easily and sustainably restock when you need more. 

Kelly x